The idea of publicity is an odd one to some, especially to an individual. Building awareness about oneself can be uncomfortable. PR & content production can be time-consuming and stressful. The right help and perspective can propel a good idea, brand, individual or organization.


Marie Daniels is a connector of brands and individuals, linking them to their publics, opportunities and media through her expertise in public relations & media management.

As a female entrepreneur with a curious mind, she shares her own experiences and lessons learned on her social media channels knowing that the world is filled with other like-minded people that might find some nugget of truth and help from her expertise.

Her client base ranges from celebrity chefs to restaurants, from promoting large festivals to producing intimate events. Hospitality is in her veins. Previous loves in owning and running cafes and the corporate offices of boutique luxury hotels, Marie Daniels understands the customer her clients seek.

Nothing fancy here. We just communicate with people and hold their attention. That’s the secret of success… holding onto people’s attention.



Twitter: @marie_daniels