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It’s been a great year of lessons learned and I wanted to share them with you! I’ve learned some great things about myself that will push me through to an even better 2020. What was the #1 lesson your learned in life and work in 2019?

YEAR END REVIEW: Plan 2020 by Taking a HARD Look at 2019

I know! It’s a crazy busy time but you NEED THIS! It’s time for you to do a Year End Review on yourself. Yep, that’s right. I SAID IT. On Yourself.

EmptyNesting: How A Year in Mexico Put It All in Perspective

We decided to take a step back from our commitments and our community. I would take fewer clients, my husband would leave his small firm and go back to consulting with a few remote clients. We would have a little freedom to take our time before deciding where our future would lie.


But Seriously Ep. 1 – Let’s Do Your Year End Review + Plan For 2020!
What are you looking for to grow your brand?

Over the last 2 decades, I have managed to gather a team of talented creatives that have helped me deliver outstanding results for my clients efficiently and without all the drama.

As a tech geek, I have always been that person that loved to try out all the tools and gadgets to see what worked and what was just a gimmick. See, gimmicks are not my thing.

As a publicist for high profile clients, I found out quickly that what really worked was honesty, hard work and relevance. Believe me. These three concepts keep my clients in good standing and hold up to the integrity they expect of me.

That is what creates a great brand that people come to know and trust.

  • It's Saturday morning! I woke up energized and READY to get moving with the to do lists that sprung into my head this morning. Does that ever happen to you?

I'm not upset about it. ON THE CONTRARY, I'm revved up and excited to tackle some of the items. Sounds a little odd, right? 
I got a lot done yesterday and it felt good but what I did notice was that I would find myself getting mildly distracted by my surroundings. I felt clutter starting to build up in a variety of places in the house where we had begun creating dumping zones; a pile of keys and change on the kitchen counter, a backpack of stuff from the last trip to San Diego left by the front door, a pile of computers on my desk begging to be wiped clean, mail, etc.

So today, along with my bulletproof coffee, I am busting through my organizing lists so that I can focus when I sit down at my desk. I love my Saturday plans!

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  • It's sort of a late start kind of Friday. It's been a busy week full of meetings, proposals and ticking off goals.

This is the best kind of feeling. All the things that made the week busy were all things that get me closer to my goals and the way to keep me energized is a bit of self care.

How do you keep up the motivation to build your legacy?

#goaloriented #bestself #climbtothetop #motivated #myownchampion #mymoments #2020vision #coachingmyself #whatsyourlegacy
  • The @westgatehotel is one of San Diego's best luxury properties. After spending several years a lifetime ago under the leadership of an absolute perfectionist GM at @estancialajolla I have a deep appreciation for the work it takes to upkeep a beautiful property like the Westgate.

This is still one of my favorite places to have a business meeting.

#lifeisgood #luxuryhotel #reputationmanagement #branding #workinglunch #frenchdesign #classichotel #downtownsandiego #sandiego
  • You can spend all your time making decisions but unless there is action to support what you decide, your time is wasted.

Intentions are only wonderful if we make them important enough to be purposeful.

Keep this in mind while you think about how to make your efforts worthwhile.

Action = Results
  • Happy Holidays everyone!
  • Sometimes I too stand in awe of the unexpected. @62flash stopped in the street to stare at this #bouganvilla a giant, colorful display of vibrant life in the outskirts of #tulum yesterday and simply observing him do so, was brilliantly calming.

It made me think about how sometimes a thing can stop you in your tracks. Is it a sign to slow down? Or a sign to avert attention another direction?

At this time of year, I think I recognized this as a sign that we need to pause to remember that sometimes we forget the beauty of what is right in front of us.

The happiest of holidays to all of you during what can be a frantic time of year.
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