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A Little Branding Love 4 Valentine’s Day

How much time do you spend focused on loving and nurturing your customer base? A TON, right?

Are you finding that you tend to forget a little about showing your own brand a little …


It’s been a great year of lessons learned and I wanted to share them with you! I’ve learned some great things about myself that will push me through to an even better 2020. What was the #1 lesson your learned in life and work in 2019?

YEAR END REVIEW: Plan 2020 by Taking a HARD Look at 2019

I know! It’s a crazy busy time but you NEED THIS! It’s time for you to do a Year End Review on yourself. Yep, that’s right. I SAID IT. On Yourself.

We can read every cool new post out there about…


But Seriously Ep. 1 – Let’s Do Your Year End Review + Plan For 2020!
What are you looking for to grow your brand?

Over the last 2 decades, I have managed to gather a team of talented creatives that have helped me deliver outstanding results for my clients efficiently and without all the drama.

As a tech geek, I have always been that person that loved to try out all the tools and gadgets to see what worked and what was just a gimmick. See, gimmicks are not my thing.

As a publicist for high profile clients, I found out quickly that what really worked was honesty, hard work and relevance. Believe me. These three concepts keep my clients in good standing and hold up to the integrity they expect of me.

That is what creates a great brand that people come to know and trust.

  • Morning writing at @matteoforacause as the skies open up and wring the clouds of all the rain stuck up there.

A wonderfully talented baker and friend of mine joined a team of like minded restaurateurs to create a beautiful little corner of tasty things in the neighborhood of South Park near downtown San Diego.

It's a beautiful project really. It's a non profit model that puts money back into the community for beneficial programs. Eating here just feels better.

Have you found a passion that contributes to a community or cause you feel strongly about?
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  • How do you find value in the people around you? How do you value yourself? There have been times that I've absolutely not thought of myself in the most favorable ways. I haven't always appreciated my flaws.

Heck. I remember being so hard on myself that I down right loathed everything about me. Those types of feelings were SO powerful. They had the ability to pull me deep into myself, into the darkest recesses of my creative mind. I didn't like being there but could see no other way of feeling or thinking about who I was. This turned me into a different person outwardly toward my family, my friends, co-workers... even strangers!

This wasn't me. This was me listening to external voices that had me hearing their words and perceptions. I didn't have the strength to reject the projections on me and instead I internalized words said in anger or from uncontrolled emotions.

Fast forward to now and I understand the need to stand my ground for the things that I know deep in my soul about me that are beautiful and bountiful. I appreciate the quirks and flaws because they make me, ME.

I used to carry an enormous amount of guilt on my shoulders about other's expectations I didn't feel I lived up to perfectly. 
Was I patient enough? Did I portray the proper amount of jovial energy? Did I leave behind the appropriate mother or wife image?

My last year and a half semi-separated from my peers and friends has taught me how to center myself again and appreciate my insecurities in a way that celebrates my pure human-ness.

I have the power to decide the picture of me I want to see for myself and I have the power to create change or strengthen the characteristics I choose. Screw the unrealistic image of perfection. It isn't attainable. Only what I create is attainable for me.

I hope you find those perfectly realistic and attainable imperfections that create uniqueness in you. Celebrate them. I'll celebrate with you.

What is a quirky part of your personality that you are learning to appreciate?

#perfectlyimperfect #humanness #valueyourself #selflove #loveyourself #loveandlight #appreciation #gratefulheart #positivethoughts #optimist #coaching #lifecoach #reallife
  • A Valentine's Day party for a few children may not seem like a big deal until you think about the children themselves. These children at a shelter for unaccompanied minors have endured hardships that many of us could not begin to understand. A simple Valentine's Day party is a break for play, time to feel like children, even if only for a few hours.

We came to give love and smiles. We received so much more in return with each and every laugh we heard and joyful moment we observed.

Thank you for the opportunity @thisisabouthumanity

#thisisabouthumanity #Compassion #Kindness #WeAreAllImmigrants #ChildrenAreTheFuture #ThisIsAmerica #GiveYourTime #GiveYourTalent #GiveYourTreasure #WeAreBetterThanThis #GiveBack #BeKind #BeCompassionate #BeHuman #Blessed #Grateful #Respect #HumanRights #AttitudeOfGratitude #Activism #Activist #HelpIfYouCan #Community #HeartToServe
  • Some days, this is it. Life can be like a #pbandj - minimal and without the frills. Instead of choosing to think that our situations are lacking or basic, I like to think our lives can be distraction-free.

There's always a way to shift your reality. The most minute shift of perspective has the power to motivate.

In this complicated, over-stimulated world, don't we owe it to ourselves to have a better outlook on everything?

Love it all. The fancy, the boring, the loud, the silent. There's value in it all.

#motivationmonday #imho #perspective #beaboss #inspo #itsjustasandwich #basic #bougie #positiveoutlook #positivity #createyourownreality
  • Money. Money. Money.
When I was growing up I was constantly pounded with the ideology that whatever I did, it had to make 💰 and being happy about the job was secondary.

What I found was that making money didn't create the future I wanted and neither did being June Cleaver. I had different ideas for who I wanted to be.

I spent many years forgetting who I was and the dreams I had. I went along with the motions and lived the expected with a few twists and turns in the road.

That's why I ♥️ helping people discover the future they want to create thru branding themselves. Coming to the realization 🤦 that I still had time to create a future I can love was the most pivotal moment in my adult life.

YOU, no matter what stage in life you're in, can still decide on the design of your future 👊

Hear that? YOUR FUTURE 😯

You are Your Brand. Make it clear and true. Steer it in the direction of the future you want.

This Thursday Thought moment is dedicated to all those ladies who are killing it being exactly who they want to be, designing the future they want for themselves and their families.

Interested in discovering more? Join me in my private Facebook Group, Branding Strategies Forum, for a positive vibes group of hesitant entrepreneurs, corporate types, stay at home moms, empty nesters, and your average Jo(anne). All are looking to #mastermind the heck outta their brands to realize a specific outcome in their future. Some of it is marketing based and some of it it's just plain real speak about digging up those old dreams and putting them into action.

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  • Simplify... This is my 2020 keyword. Life is meant to be hard and complicated with joy, pride, appreciation and satisfaction dabbled in between.

With it all, we have things to be grateful for and tough things to evaluate. Oh to just be a dog 🐕 on a beach with all your basic needs thought of. 
Problem-solving is a skill we begin to learn from day one naturally. At work, our entire intent is to problem solve for a specific purpose. We learn to do our jobs and the problems then change so that we can solve others.

When I look at each problem as a way of simplifying, I find that I don't mind the tasks. What problems do you solve at work?

#productivity #worklife #problemsolver #beaboss #bosslady