Beer is Big Business

cervezas de las californias, premier beer distributor

Beer (craft beer) is BIG BUSINESS in San Diego but now it’s growing to new heights across the border too! I’m really excited to announce our newest client that is strengthening our “borderless” business model, Cervezas de las California.

Cervezas de las Californias is a premiere beer distribution company that is bringing the high American Standards of beer care to our friends in Baja and soon, mainland. ONLY our friends at CDLC are committed to delivering SoCal craft beer to Baja to ensure it arrives on tap with the same quality and taste profiles as is intended from the brewers.

Beer is picked up in refrigerated trucks, driven across the border and stored in a giant refrigerated cold box at the right temperature then delivered to a cold beer tap at vendors throughout Baja.

Join us as we TOAST our NEW adventure with Cervezas de las Californias.cervezas de las californias, premier beer distributor

Chef Javier Plascencia

Chef Javier Plascencia, Jazamango, Finca Altozano,The Soul of Baja, AnimalonIt’s a big year for Chef Javier Plascencia. He has recently just published an homage to his city’s culinary history through 30 years of his cooking journey. With a slew of projects always keeping his Mexico superstar team busy, he has joined DMPR and we couldn’t be more excited!

We are proud to be officially handling his U.S. communications and engagements. Please contact us for any press and event appearance inquiries.

Best Tool To Get You Blogging More  Often

Consistent blogging is the most common hurdle I hear from influencer friends. I tell clients all the time that each post doesn’t need to be lengthy. Some can simply be quickies throughout your days. The same advice can be given to bloggers. These kind of posts allow an audience to get a glimpse of your daily thoughts/activities/life. 

How To Be In The Moment

To capture the spirit of the moment for a post, doesn’t it seem best to not put it off? You lose the enthusiasm and sense of a situation the longer it takes to get it out of your brain.

Enter,  the WordPress phone app. This app allows you to retrieve access to all your WordPress logins from one place.  Check stats for yourself or clients. Post a photo or quote. Put a profound thought out in the cyberverse before it’s forgotten. WHATEVER. 

Given you’re a WordPress user like myself, you have the ability to keep on top of your blog conveniently. 

NO EXCUSES. You’ll love the tool. 



The Scale is Broken. Stop wishing for Work Life Balance & Get Your Hustle On.


All that mumbo jumbo about work life balance is a crock of shit, corporate cool aid. Stop chugging it down and understand that the scale is BROKEN. There is more competition out there than ever before with communication to masses being accessible by nearly everyone on the planet. Continue reading “The Scale is Broken. Stop wishing for Work Life Balance & Get Your Hustle On.”