Links Won’t Open in Google Chrome Anymore? Try This!

Are you frustrated because a new BLANK Google Chrome window opens every time you click the link? You may have thought they had to do with your newest Mac OS Update. Nope!

It’s your Google Chrome. Not to worry though, there’s an easy fix.

Click on Chrome in your upper left-hand corner. Next, click on About Google Chrome.This will open up a new tab for your Google Chrome settings.

google chrome settings window

You will see that mine already says that Google Chrome is up-to-date but most likely, if you are experiencing the same problems I was, you will see that Google Chrome is in need of an update. To the right, you should see RELAUNCH. Click on relaunch and let the magic happen.

Voíla! Let me know if this helps or if you have come across other issues along with the fix.

Will Facebook’s New Ideas Kill Your Business Page?


This week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made an announcement about the changes that are to come to Facebook users. He stated, “we’ve gotten feedback from our community that public content — posts from businesses, brands and media — is crowding out the personal moments that lead us to connect more with each other.”

Zuck’s concern is aimed at the welfare of the community.


With the new Facebook algorithm, user feeds will begin to focus on person-to-person interactions and less on the brands that target them. Continue reading “Will Facebook’s New Ideas Kill Your Business Page?”

10 Min. Insight | Cause Marketing

What is Cause Marketing?

I invited one of my long time friends to the office to chat about Cause Marketing, an industry I focused on years ago. Brian Hawkins has built some amazing programs for a variety of causes globally and now he is Dean of Special Programs at Neils Brock CIBU in San Diego.

Check out the 10 minute chat with him where he gives a few key takeaways for creating campaigns for charitable causes.

For more info on the upcoming Cause Marketing progeams, visit their website at and keep up with news about the charitable giving, Cause Marketing industry on twitter at @causemarketing.

Are You Ready to Fire Your PR Firm?

The most common complaint I hear from companies is that their communications / PR firm “just isn’t doing anything”. Clearly, if a company or individual is feeling this way it is just plain frustrating. I get it. No one likes to watch their hard-earned dollars go down the drain.


I love to help companies find their voice and create a persona for their brand that is relatable and relevant to their audience. Generally, that is what a good communications professional does. There is one element that often gets forgotten from the equation of good communications strategies. Projecting company messages and good news requires client participation, not just the PR Firm.

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Chef Javier Plascencia

Chef Javier Plascencia, Jazamango, Finca Altozano,The Soul of Baja, Animalon
Chef Javier Plascencia

It’s a big year for Chef Javier Plascencia. He has recently just published an homage to his city’s culinary history through 30 years of his cooking journey. With a slew of projects always keeping his Mexico superstar team busy, he has joined DMPR and we couldn’t be more excited!

We are proud to be officially handling his U.S. communications and engagements. Please contact us for any press and event appearance inquiries.

Best Tool To Get You Blogging More  Often

Consistent blogging is the most common hurdle I hear from influencer friends. I tell clients all the time that each post doesn’t need to be lengthy. Some can simply be quickies throughout your days. The same advice can be given to bloggers. These kind of posts allow an audience to get a glimpse of your daily thoughts/activities/life. 

How To Be In The Moment

To capture the spirit of the moment for a post, doesn’t it seem best to not put it off? You lose the enthusiasm and sense of a situation the longer it takes to get it out of your brain.

Enter,  the WordPress phone app. This app allows you to retrieve access to all your WordPress logins from one place.  Check stats for yourself or clients. Post a photo or quote. Put a profound thought out in the cyberverse before it’s forgotten. WHATEVER. 

Given you’re a WordPress user like myself, you have the ability to keep on top of your blog conveniently. 

NO EXCUSES. You’ll love the tool. 



The Scale is Broken. Stop wishing for Work Life Balance & Get Your Hustle On.


All that mumbo jumbo about work life balance is a crock of shit, corporate cool aid. Stop chugging it down and understand that the scale is BROKEN. There is more competition out there than ever before with communication to masses being accessible by nearly everyone on the planet. Continue reading “The Scale is Broken. Stop wishing for Work Life Balance & Get Your Hustle On.”

Your REAL First Impressions Suck & It’s KILLING Your Business

When I was seven years old, meeting a new person was an excruciatingly, painful experience. As an extremely shy kid, the anxiety that haunted me comes back as a clear reminder that I generally just wanted to close my eyes and pretend no one could see me.

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