Links Won’t Open in Google Chrome Anymore? Try This!

Are you frustrated because a new BLANK Google Chrome window opens every time you click the link? You may have thought they had to do with your newest Mac OS Update. Nope!

It’s your Google Chrome. Not to worry though, there’s an easy fix.

Click on Chrome in your upper left-hand corner. Next, click on About Google Chrome.This will open up a new tab for your Google Chrome settings.

google chrome settings window

You will see that mine already says that Google Chrome is up-to-date but most likely, if you are experiencing the same problems I was, you will see that Google Chrome is in need of an update. To the right, you should see RELAUNCH. Click on relaunch and let the magic happen.

VoĆ­la! Let me know if this helps or if you have come across other issues along with the fix.

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